Alyson B 


Pop Rock Songwriter



Alyson B mixes the Do It Yourself effectiveness, the rock radicality and the elegance of an English songwriter.

Bewitched with spontaneity, she sings with a loud and low voice which reminds of some Patti Smith, the Kills and PJ Harvey. Sometimes sensual, sometimes poisonous, love is at stake. The guitars add their raw and dirty sounds to the killer machines, the tambourins, maracas or samples. Words are whispered, then shouted depending on the emotion.In 2012, Alyson B reaches her maturity revealing both a unique universe and sound. She performs with a bass player and a drummer on stage where the music and the sensitivity of the artist are now given emphasis.In 2013, a new album is recorded with her musicians. Inspired by the mystical world Alyson B conveys, the painter David Morel thought all the visual and graphic designs.

The album “ Beautiful Love Terrible Heart” is out on the independent label Air’n’Fire in 2014.


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